Abbey Bike Tools 4-Way Multi-tool

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There are multitudes of cycling multi-tools on the market. To differentiate theirs, Abbey focused on getting often overlooked small, but important, details right. Abbey started with focusing on and improving the engagement of the tools bits, reducing the possibility of rounding out or stripping a fastener from a sloppy fit, a sad reality of a subpar multi-tool. These bits are among the nicest fitting on the market, and paired with the handsome chassis, Abbey has seamlessly blended form and function. As these bits are crafted from stainless steel, an added plus is that they won't rust while being stowed in your saddle bag.


2.5/4/5 Hex Bits, Torx 25 Bit
2.5/4/5 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit
3/4/5 Hex Bits, Torx 25 Bit
3/4/5 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit
4/5/6 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit
Chassis Aluminum
Tool Bits Stainless Steel
Weight ~48g
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