Abbey Bike Tools 4-Way Multi-tool

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There are a multitude of cycling multi-tools on the market. To differentiate theirs, Abbey focused on getting often overlooked small, but important, details right. For starters, if a tool doesn’t have proper engagement, the buck stops there. Many of the common, cheaper multi-tools on the market have poor, loose fitting bits. This results in rounded out and/or stripped fasteners, which can definitely end an awesome ride. The precision stainless steel bits on the Abbey 4-Way multi-tools prevent this with their tight, precise fit. These bits are some of the most tight-fitting and precise on the market, making trail or road side adjustments worry-free. As these bits are stainless steel, another plus is they won’t rust.


Material Aluminum Chassis and Stainless Steel Bits
Configurations 2.5/4/5 Hex Bits, Torx 25 Bit; 2.5/4/5 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit; 3/4/5 Hex Bits, Torx 25 Bit; 3/4/5 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit; 4/5/6 Hex Bits, #2 JIS Bit
Weight ~48g
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