Enve Bike Frames


Based in Ogden Utah, Enve was founded in 2005, and prides themselves on handmaking every product in their lineup in the U.S.A. Enve first specialized in producing high end and durable carbon rims, handlebars, stem's, seatpost's etc. They have now moved on to include bike frames that are produced with the same high standard of perfection.

Custom Road

  • From geometry to paint, to wheels and components, each ENVE Custom is tailored to your specific wants and needs.
  • Enve's goal is to deliver you a bike that fits – perfectly. To make this possible, the Custom Road is constructed using a molding process that allows us to create a custom bike for virtually any fit. The result is a handcrafted, US-made bike, built specifically for you. 
  • The ENVE Custom Road is available with two unique personalities–Race and All Road. While identical in appearance, each has been tuned for a range of specific tire sizes and rider styles.


  • Balanced for aero efficiency and weight savings.
  • Tube shapes compliment SES rim shapes.
  • Integrated front end hides wires and brake hoses.
  • Wind tunnel tested for performance at 32kph/20mph and 48kph/30mph.


  • Cargo bay. Enve's integrated downtube storage system that allows for storage of items such as a flat repair kid, wind breaker, or whatever else you can manage to fit.
  • Performance geometry. With 6 different frame sizes, and three different rakes, the MOG was designed to ensure optimal handling regardless of frame size. 
  • Integrated front end hides wires and brake hoses.
  • 700c maximalist. Allows for clearance of tires up to 50mm.

We carry the full line of Enve frames. If you have a question about a frame, be it sizing, availability, price quotes etc., then please feel free to contact us.

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