Aloha Ax-Lightness Alpha

Aloha Ax-Lightness Alpha

This is a very special bike crafted with care back in Oct 2017. With a final weight of 7.91 lbs. (3.584kg), this unique hill-climb machine features at its core an AX-lightness Alpha frame paired with THM Scapula Fork.

Inspired by Gunter Mai's World's Lightest Road Bike back in 2008, this bike was meant to be the "heavier" version of the previous world's lightest bike to be ridden as a daily rider by its new owner.

Unlike Gunter's bike, this one has parts that are actually obtainable and is replicable today. Nothing on this build is one off or manufactured specifically for this bike hence you could actually build this bike with some custom work and the proper funds.


It took over a year to gather all the components for this build.


The bottom of the letter P in the Alpha decal was damaged which created the "Aloha" Ax-lightness moniker.


THM Clavicula Cranks paired with Fibre-Lyte Chainrings and Yaban SFL210 Ti Chain.


Fibre-Lyte Chainrings (50x34).


Tuned SRAM Red Derailleur with Alligator Housing. 


Here's a closer up shot of the tuned SRAM Red rear derailleur with BTP cage. We keep the Powercordz off the guide fin to avoid stretch and any hard angles.


Tuned Campagnolo front derailleur and its braze on plate.


B-T-P bottle cage. (Possibly old Tune cages)


AX-lightness 3000 Brakes. 


B.T.P carbon pad holder.



Schmolke TLO Handlebars mated to a 120mm MCFK stem, courtesy of Calfee Design.




Alligator Housing with the now defunct Powercordz Cables.


Carefully tuned SRAM Red Shift Levers.


THM Scapula fork with Tune hubs.


Pillar Megalite spokes laced to an early Tune Hub.


Recon Alloy 10 speed Cassette.


BTP down tube front derailleur Shifter. Not the prettiest but it works!


Tufo's paired to AX-lightness rims.


Berk Nanotech Saddle seatpost Combo.


Aerolite Pedals.



Component Description Weight (g)
Bar Tape, Caps Tesa 51608 Black, Carbon 14
Bottle Cage, Bolts BTP, M5 Carbon Countersink 8
Bottom Bracket HSC 6806 Full Ceramic 33
Brake Housing Alligator Mini I-Links 14
Brakes AX 3000, BTP Clasps, BTP Pads, M5 Carbon Bolts 108
Brake Cables  Powercordz Shift*Nokon Beads on heads) 5
Cable Guide (Under BB) AX Lightness, M5 Carbon Bolt 4
Cassette, Lockring Recon Alloy 10sp 11-25t,Ti 11t cog 98
Chain Yaban SFL210 Ti 214
Chainrings, Bolts Fibre-Lyte 50x34 34/13, Alloy Bolts 9g 56
Crank, Bearings THM Clavicula SE 175mm 292
Derailleur Cables Powercordz Shift 5
Derailleur Housing Alligator Mini I-Links 10
Front Derailleur Campagnolo Record Tuned, Carbon M5 Bolts 44
Fork THM Fibula 203mm Steerer (Inc. Cover 4g) 250
Frame AX Lightness Alpha (Inc. Ti Shift Boss, F/r Hangers) 702
Glue, Grease, air, etc.   12g
Handlebar & Stem Schmolke TLO 44cm, MCFK 120mm Bonded by Calfee 228
Headset Tune Bubu (Polished Cap), KCNC Ceramics 41
Levers SRAM Red Tuned, BTP Clamps, Heat shrink Hoods 199
Pedals Aerolite 58
Rear Derailleur SRAM Red Tuned, Fibre-Lyte Plate 102
Saddle & Seatpost Berk Nanotech c64 shape 27.2 123
Seat Collar Parts of Passion 30.0mm 6
Shifter - I side BTP 6
Tires Tufo 120 246
Top Cap Carbon and Cork 1
Wheelset AX, Tune, Pillar Megalite 688
Final Weight 3.584kg / 7.91lbs 3584g



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