Fair Wheel Ti Gravel Bike

Fair Wheel Ti Gravel Bike

Fair Wheel's house brand Ti gravel frame can be built up into a very exceptional ride. We've seen a few really individualistic builds utilize this frame to make something special. This is one of our favorites.


This bike has a plethora of fun parts, so lets dive on in.



Handlebar, stem and seatpost from german based manufacturer MCFK compliment the frame nicely. 



Hope clamp keeps a really good handle on that post.



White Industries headset and top cap. The hugh perfectly matches the clamp shown above.



Hope RX4 calipers mated to the Shimano GRX levers. These 4 piston calipers are Hope's road/gravel specific design.



DT 240 hubs laced to MCFK carbon rims with Pillar 1422 oil slick spokes. Check out the purple DT 240 decals on those hubs.



Dura-Ace rear mech with some very swanky Hope pulley wheels. These pulley wheels have low friction bearing seals for reduced drag and are machined from 2014T6 aluminum. 



EE Wings titanium cranks, fitted with Praxis chainrings. These beautiful oil slick cranks were part of a limited edition run. The White Industries bottom bracket ties the look together, and matches the headset.



Nice shiny bottle cages from Supacaz to hold the drinks nice and tight. These aluminum cages are anodized and have the Supacaz logo laser etched into them. They weigh 18 grams per cage, and they couldn't match those spokes any better.



On top of being a really solid gravel rig, this build has a really fun combination of parts and colors. Our Ti frame was the perfect canvas for a fun tie dye build.



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