Buzzys Slick Honey

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Buzzy's Slick Honey is probably best known for its superior ability to lubricate seals, o-rings, and bushings to reduce sliding friction in suspension components. As a low viscosity, tacky grease, Slick Honey is our preferred lubricant for freehub mechanisms, especially in lightweight hubs like those from Italian manufacturer Extralite. This grease will resist rust and corrosion while allowing optimum performance of these hubs' o-rings and seals. We offer Slick Honey in two sizes: the Stinger syringe allows for quick and simple application of Slick Honey to a variety of bicycle components, while the 2 oz size offers freedom of application in a compact tube.


Volume, Stinger Syringe 1fl oz (30cc)
Volume, Tube 2fl oz (59cc)
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