ENVE Carbon Brake Pads

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These original replacement brake pads from Enve Composites are designed specifically for use with Enve's line of carbon road rims. The pad compound was formulated and tested by Enve to optimize braking performance in modulation, stopping power, and wet weather performance while managing heat build up and minimizing abrasion while extending pad wear life.

When using non-locking brake pad holders, DO NOT apply the brakes while simultaneously rotating the wheel backwards. This may result in ejection of the brake pad resulting in serious harm, accident, bodily injury or death. These pads are designed only for use with Enve carbon road rims and should never be used with aluminum rims.




Grey - Enve's classic brake pad, designed for non-textured braking surfaces. Available in Shimano/Sram and Campagnolo versions to fit all current model brake calipers.

Black - Enve's latest brake pads, designed only for rims with Enve's textured braking surface; on non-textured rims, the harder compound of the black pads will have a significant detrimental effect on brake performance, and will void the warranty. These are available in standard 10mm width, as well as a narrow 8mm width to allow for increased pad clearance required for some older aftermarket brake calipers. The CB88 version is not compatible with Shimano's direct-mount brake calipers. The Shimano/Sram 8mm, 10mm and Campagnolo versions fit all current model brake calipers.

These pads are sold in pairs for one brake caliper. Please note that pads are included with new Enve rims and wheels. Campagnolo style pad holders are compatible with current Campagnolo brakes as well as those manufactured in 2000-2010.


Weight Shimano 9grams(pair) Campagnolo 11grams(pair)
Style Road
Fits Shimano, Campagnolo
Compound Carbon
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