ENVE Carbon Brake Pads

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ENVE introduces original brake pads for their carbon road rims, ensuring superior modulation, stopping power, and wet weather performance. Designed exclusively for ENVE carbon road rims, not suitable for aluminum rims. Sold in pairs for one brake caliper; included with new ENVE rims and wheels. Campagnolo-style pad holders are compatible with current Campagnolo brakes and those manufactured from 2000-2010.

CAUTION: Avoid simultaneous braking and backward wheel rotation with non-locking pad holders. Use exclusively with ENVE carbon road rims; NEVER use with aluminum rims.


GREY - ENVE's classic brake pads, crafted for smooth braking surfaces, cater to Shimano/SRAM and Campagnolo calipers.

BLACK - ENVE's latest brake pads are tailored exclusively for rims with their textured braking surface. Ensure optimal brake performance and warranty compliance by choosing the right compound. Available in standard 10mm and narrow 8mm widths for compatibility with various brake calipers. Note: CB88 version is not compatible with Shimano's direct-mount brake calipers.


Fits Shimano Campagnolo
Weight ~9g ~11g
Style Road


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