SwissStop Rim Brake Pads

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SwissStop set the bar pretty high for improvement when it came to besting their venerable Yellow King pads. With feedback from Pros they set out to best their already winning compound. The Black Prince pads were born with superior metrics in almost every category. Formulated to behave like braking with aluminum rims, Black Prince brake pads offer superb stopping power, outstanding modulation, and significantly improved wet weather performance. With more linear brake modulation the Black Prince brake pads offer ideal characteristics for technical riding in varying conditions. Superior heat dissipation offers a more consistent brake feel throughout the lever's throw, vastly reduces required stopping distance, and gives fade free performance on long descents. 

Flash EVO pads are compatible with Shimano and SRAM brakes, both standard and direct mount. These pads have a lower profile to help fit modern wide rims. 

The Flash Pro are compatible with Shimano and SRAM brakes, both standard direct mount.

Race Pro pads are designed to fit 10/11 speed Campagnolo brake calipers.

Flash EVO 29 grams
Flash Pro 30 grams
Race Pro 32 grams
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