Cane Creek eeBrake Ltd. Ed. Brakeset

Article number: 011-02-03
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The latest generation of the eeBrake from American Manufacturer Cane Creek continues its run as the absolute benchmark of road brake calipers. The G4 eeBrake is one of the lightest road brakes, but through careful engineering it makes no compromise on all-out braking power and an impressive power curve for excellent modulation. Braking performance is quite impressive; on par if not exceeding the industry-leading offers from Shimano and Campagnolo.

The aesthetics of the brake vary slightly from the last generation, but remain one of the most handsome and eye catching options available. The flanges around each bushing have also been removed, creating a sleeker look while allowing for the use of thinner bushings. These new bushings increase stiffness in the caliper actuation, improving brake response and lever feedback. One of the eeBrakes' unchanged features is the unique design of the brake pad carrier. Changing the pad requires no special tools and only takes a few seconds. The pads are securely held in place using a notch and groove system, with no chance of moving under forward or backwards braking forces. However, the pad itself can be quickly removed by hand, right from the holder. This feature is especially useful for those who switch between carbon and aluminum rims on a regular basis.

The Limited Edition brakes will only be sold as a regular mount set or direct mount set in fork/seatstay option. Which brakes you need will depend on the configuration of the frameset they are to be installed on. 


Linkage Material 7075-T6 Aluminum Mount Type Weight (set w/o Pads)
Bolt Material 6/4 Titanium Direct Mount ~150.5g
Reach 39-49 mm Standard Mount ~167g
Max Rim Width 28.5 mm    
Max Tire Size 30 mm    
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