ENVE SES 6.7 Carbon Clincher Tubeless Rim

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Striking the ultimate balance between weight savings, stability, aerodynamics, and rolling efficiency, the SES 6.7 defines Real-World Fast and raises the bar for modern aero wheel performance. Grams of rim, versus grams of drag, make the SES 6.7 the outright fastest wheel on the road.

The SES 6.7 has been aerodynamically optimized around a labeled 27mm tire since data shows unequivocally that in real-world riding conditions, a higher volume tire provides more speed, confidence, and control. As such, we developed the SES 27 tire to be the high-volume race tire for the modern road cyclist. Featuring a 23mm internal rim width, the SES 6.7 can be paired with a 25mm tire, but for those wanting to decrease rolling resistance and maximize speed, a 27mm-28mm tire is the optimal labeled tire width.

Like the rest of the SES wheel line, the SES 6.7 has been optimized for road tubeless performance and features a hookless bead design that allows for the precise rim dimensions required to achieve the best tubeless performance. To further improve tubeless tire and rim reliability, this aerodynamic carbon fiber wheelset features ENVE’s patent pending Wide Hookless Bead, a design element at the leading edge of the rim that provides a more forgiving surface, that when impacted, will reduce the likelihood of pinch-flatting a tubeless tire.



We recommend that wheels with ENVE rims be built by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in hub and spoke selections. Please contact us or submit a form for a custom wheel build.



The following table compares ENVE's rim models for a quick and easy analysis.


Model 6.7 SES Legacy 5.6 Disc Rims Legacy 7.8 Disc Rims
  Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear
Rim Depth 60 mm 67 mm 54 mm 63 mm 71 mm 78 mm
External Width 30 mm 29 mm 28.75 mm 28 mm 29 mm 27.5 mm
Internal Width 23 mm 19 mm 19 mm
Weight ~430g ~449g ~450g ~470g ~495g ~450g
Tire Compatibility , see here
ERD 538 mm 526 mm  
Hole Count 24h  
Bead Type Hookless  
Tire Type Tubeless Ready  
Minimum Tire Size 700 x 25  
Aero Optimized Tire 700 x 28  
Valve Stem Length 80 mm  
Tubeless Tape Width 26.5 mm  
Tubeless Kit (6.7) - Tape / Valves  
Brass Nipples  
Valve Extenders (55 mm)  



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