Extralite CyberFront SP Straight Pull Front Road Hub

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 Extralite has created a name for themselves with some truly unique products. Among their impressive repertoire is the CyberFront SP. Possibly their lightest hub to date, weighing in at a mere 47 grams, the CyberFront SP is the perfect hub for any gram conscious cyclist.

The general shape of the CyberFront SP has been crafted to utilize a wider spoke bracing angle, making each wheel noticeably more rigid and predictable, while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Additionally designed to withstand the stress of radial spoke lacing, each flange is specially heat treated to ensure hub longevity. As a final touch, the axle end caps are hard anodized in an attempt to withstand wear from your bike’s dropouts.




Due to the lightweight nature of this hub, we can not sell the CyberFront SP independently of a wheelbuild. Please feel free to contact us directly, or submit a form for a custom wheelbuild.


Weight 47 grams
Bearings 6801 x 2
Axle Diameter 14 mm
Hub Shell Material 7075Tx aluminum
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