HSC PF30 Ceramic Adapter Bottom Bracket

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The SRAM-developed PF30 bottom bracket shell standard was originally designed around the modern BB30 crankset standard. Fortunately, the enlarged shell with its narrow bearing stance allows this standard to be adapted to fit older 24 mm crankset spindles. HSC manufactures these PF30 compatible bottom brackets to fit both Shimano's Hollowtech II and SRAM's GXP cranksets. These bottom brackets use the same size 6805 bearings used in the manufacturers' stock bottom brackets, but offer a performance uprade with an ultra high quality hybrid ceramic configuration.



These adapters are designed to fit frames with 46 mm diameter and 61 mm(OSBB), 68 mm, 73 mm, 83 mm, or 100 mm wide bottom bracket shells. The option you require will depend on the crankset being used:

  • Shimano HTII - Adapts to fit 24 mm spindle cranks
  • SRAM GXP - Adapts to fit stepped 24 / 22 mm spindle cranks.
  • SRAM DUB - Adapts to fit SRAM's proprietary DUB design, 29 mm spindle crank.
  • BB386 EVO - Designed to fit 30 mm spindle cranksets, sometimes referred to as "long spindle" BB30 cranksets.


Shell I.D. Shell Width
  Road MTB
46 mm 61 / 68 mm 73 mm / 83 mm / 100 mm
Crank Compatibility Shimano HTII SRAM GXP SRAM DUB BB386 EVO
Crank Spindle 24 / 24 mm 24 / 22 mm 29 / 29 mm 30 / 30 mm
Weight ~110g ~113g ~110g ~70g
Bearings 6805 - w7 29x42x7 6806
Material Aluminum - Si3N4 Ceramic Hybrid
Tools / Installation Quality bearing press



To avoid frame damage, we recommend that these PF30 bottom bracket adapters be professionally installed using a proper bearing press.

Please feel free to contact us directly for technical questions.

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