Leap Components Double On-Bar Wireless Blip Mount

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Achieve a clean, minimalist setup with the Double On-Bar Blip Mount from Leap Components. This innovative mount provides a new home for your SRAM AXS Wireless Blips, moving both shifters to one side of the handlebar for improved ergonomics and engagement. Precision 3D printed from carbon filled nylon, the sleek mount securely attaches your blips right next to your grip for seamless shifting access. Weighing just 22 grams, it shaves significant weight off the stock shifter while maintaining a sturdy interface. The mount fits standard 22.2mm bars and works with the original AXS blips. For optimal performance, pair it with our custom grip button. The Double On-Bar Blip Mount brings a refined look and feel to your cockpit.

SRAM AXS Blips are NOT included.


Weight Mount Buttons
  ~7.1g ~3.1g
Button Option Grip / Smooth / Small / No Button
Material 3D Printed Carbon Filled Nylon (CF15)
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 2.5 cm
Blips Weight ~14g
Clamp 22.2 mm
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