Praxis Chainring Bolt Set

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To complement the wide variety of Praxis rings we carry, Praxis chainring bolts are now available in two different styles.  First are the standard road double bolts, which not only work for Praxis double rings, but can also be used as replacement/aftermarket bolts for any standard road double.  This kit contains 5 anodized black aluminum chainring bolts with subtle white logos (5 x male and 5 x female halves) and weighs in at 10 grams.  The second kit is specifically for Praxis Micro Compact doubles (48/32).  This kit is used for mounting Praxis Micro Compact Double chainrings (which have threaded bolt holes on the small ring) to Praxis branded 110 BCD road cranks.  The Micro Compact double kit contains 5 anodized black aluminum male bolts, with white logos, and weights in at 9 grams (no female halves are needed as the small ring is threaded).  Installation requires 5mm and 6mm allen wrenches for the standard road chainring bolts, while the Micro Compact version requires a 5mm allen wrench only.  Torque specifications for mounting these bolts is 10 Nm. 


Road Double 10 g
Sub-Compact 9 g
X-Ring 9 g
Tools required  
Road Double 5mm / 6mm allen wrenches
Sub-Compact 5mm allen wrench
X-Ring 5mm allen wrench
Material aluminum
Recommended Torque 10 Nm
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