Praxis M30 Bottom Bracket

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The M30 bottom bracket from Praxis Works is specially designed to accommodate the Praxis-designed Zayante cranks. With a stepped 30 to 28 mm spindle, the crank requires the M30 bottom bracket to be correctly adapted to the frame's bottom bracket shell. Taking advantage of Praxis designed “wide stance” technology, the Zayante crank and M30 bottom bracket push the cartridge bearings out as far as possible to create a solid platform for pedaling torque. In the case of BSA, BB30, PF30, and OSBB bottom bracket shells, the bearings are placed in cups completely outside of the frame, avoiding potential issues with frame tolerances. The result is a noise-free, efficient system with long service life.

The M30 is currently available for BSA English threaded, BB86/92(BB90/DH104.5/DH107), BB30/PF30, BB386 EVO, BBRight and T47 bottom brackets. The BSA version uses a straightforward design with two threaded bearing cups. The BB30/PF30 and OSBB version, similar in design to Praxis' conversion BBs, draws its strength from a threaded design that practically eliminates the shortcomings of press fit specs. By having the drive side cup thread into a tapered collet, the bottom bracket expands slightly inside the shell, thus creating a more ideal fit while simultaneously preventing the cups from walking or wobbling out of the frame. Both the BB86/92 and BB386 EVO bottom brackets use a standard press-fit design to accommodate their respective frame standards. The T47 External bearing cups can be used on either a 68 or 73mm threaded frame while the Internal version is used with an 85.5mm width frame. 

Praxis M30 threaded bottom brackets require the M30 BB Tool to be correctly installed. The T47 Internal reguires the T47 I.B tool, while any press-fit versions should be installed using a good quality bearing press. The T47 Asym uses both. Compatibility is listed below.


BB Compatibility
Fitment Weight Width
BSA 68 / 73 (English Thread) ~100g 68 / 73 mm
BB86 / BB92 ~65g 86.5 / 89.5 / 92 / 104.5 / 107
BB30 / PF30 68 / 73 mm ~100g / ~130g 68 / 73 mm
BB386 EVO ~104g 86.5 mm
BBRight ~130g 79 mm
T47 Asym. ~100g Road - 76.75 mm / MTB - 81.25 mm
T47 Internal ~100g 85.5 mm
T47 External ~100g 68 / 73 mm
Crank Compatibility
Praxis / Box BMX / Oval / *InfoCrank
*InfoCrank not compatible w/BB386 EVO
30mm Drive / 28mm Non-Drive
6806 / Propriety - Cartridge Steel or Ceramic
T47 Asym and T47 Internal use the T47 Tool
BSA, BB30 / PF30, and T47 Asym use a M30 socket tool or wrench
All others use a quality bearing press


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