Praxis M30 THRU Bottom Bracket

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Since their inception Praxis Works has been producing components to fit specific niches in the cycling industry. With the introduction of forged aluminum cranks we are seeing a slew of bottom brackets to go along with them. With their focus on durability over weight many riders are choosing Praxis bottom brackets over other aftermarket choices. Available in the most popular bottom bracket standards Praxis makes an option to fit almost any frame. Replace your old worn out bottom bracket or upgrade your existing BB with a Praxis Works M30 Thru Bottom Bracket for miles of friction free spinning and peace of mind. For installing the BSA and BB30/PF30 bottom brackets the M30 BB Tool is required.

The M30 Thru Bottom Bracket has two 30mm I.D. bearings and is intended for use with the Praxis Works LYFT Crank but will also pair with other 30mm spindle cranks on the market such as the Race Face Cinch and Rotor REX1 cranks.

If you’re looking to pair your existing Praxis Works Cadet or Girder Cranks check out the M30 Bottom Bracket designed to work with the Praxis 30mm to 28mm stepped spindle.

Praxis M30 threaded bottom brackets require the M30 BB Tool to be correctly installed. The T47 Internal requires the T47 I.B tool, while the press-fit versions should be installed using a good quality bearing press. Compatibility is listed below. 


Due to restrictions from International distributors we are not allowed to ship Praxis products to addresses in the following countries:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, UK.


Compatibility Weights Shell Width
Cranksets BB Shell

Praxis Lyft

RaceFace / Easton Cinch

Rotor 3D+ 

SRAM PF30 / 386EVO

Cane Creek eeWing


Lightning Cranks

68 / 73 BSA (English Thread) ~106g 68 / 73 mm
BB86 / 90 / 92 ~75g 86.5 / 89.5 / 92
BB30 / PF30 68 mm ~138g 68 mm
BB30 / PF30 73 mm ~142g 73 mm
BB386EVO ~103g 86.5 mm
T47 External ~126g 68 / 73 mm
T47 Internal ~103g 85.5 mm
BBRight - Coming Soon ~g 79 mm 
Bearings 30mm Drive / 30mm Non-Drive    
  Cartridge Steel or Ceramic    
Installation BB86 / BB386 EVO require bearing press  
  T47 Internal uses the T47 I.B. Tool
  All others can use the socket tool or the wrench
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