Alligator Centerlock Adapter

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Alligator’s centerlock adapter enables riders to run their desired six bolt ISO rotor with Shimano and DT Swiss centerlock specific hubs. This opens up a whole slew of lightweight rotor options as many aftermarket manufacturers do not produce rotors in the centerlock mounting standard. Designed to work with 15 and 20 mm thru axle hubs (also compatible with quick release), these adapters feature an oversize lockring and use a two-piece design to clamp the rotor onto the splines of the hub shell. Manufactured from aluminum using the latest in CNC production methods and anodized for durability, these adapters offer a light and functional alternative to purchasing a new set of rotors. With the growing popularity of road disc, many riders are finding upgrading wheels can be a hassle. Nobody likes finding the ideal upgrade wheelset only to be hampered by rotor compatibility. With centerlock hubs and a set of adapters you’re covered no matter what rotors you choose.

These adapters require a Minimum rotor thickness of 1.7mm at the bolt flange.


Weight ~29.5g
Material Aluminum
Torque 40 Nm
Fits 9 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 20 mm Axle Hubs
Tools Hollowtech II style BB Tool
Max Rotor Size 203 mm
Rotor Thickness 1.7 - 2.1 mm
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