Carbon-Ti X-Hub SP Road Front Hub

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For years Carbon-Ti has been the brand name for LLS Titanium in the bicycle industry. In these short years LLS Titanium has brought their material knowledge and engineering prowess to their refined catalog of bicycle components. The front X-hub, is their next step in road hubs and brings a full set of innovative features in a beautiful package. Based on an Al7075-T6 CNC machined body and axle, the X-hub is a prime choice to center your next high quality wheelset. The unique look of straight pull spokes, high quality bearings, user friendly preload adjustment, and performance focus will match any rim set, whether you choose a carbon ENVE 4.5 set, or an alloy Easton R90 SL daily rider setup.

Here at Fairwheel we choose high quality components for their intended job and strengths. The X-hub is a durable high performance hub that also happens to be light. At 62.1 grams the hub isn't as light as Extralite CyberFront but it is 47 grams lighter than the work horse DT Swiss 240s. It also has some nice user friendly features worth noting. The external knurled bearing preload adjustment keeps the bearings running smoothly and with as little drag as possible. The hub shell features smooth recesses that help keep down weight, add aesthetic appeal and in some cases allow for easier spoke installation without scratching the anodization. The serviceability of this hub is about on par with the most simple designs out there. With a couple of hand tools and some basic know how any rider can keep these hubs rolling smoothly for years to come. These features are all packaged in a great looking hub with smooth polishing and a deep, richly colored anodizing that looks fantastic on any build.


Bearing Sizes 61803 (x2)
Available Drillings 20 hole
Axle Standard 100mm quick-release
Hub Shell Material Al7075-T6
Axle Material Al7075-T6
Weight 62g
Wheel Building Dimensions  
Flange Diameter 30 mm
Center to Flange 40 mm
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