Extralite CyberRear SP Straight Pull Rear Road Hub

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At first glance, the CyberRear SP closely resembles its predecessor, the UltraRear SPX in almost every way. Upon closer inspection, the CyberRear SP is in fact packed with a slew of hard to see upgrades that add up to a sizeable difference. First and foremost is the replacement of the sensitive bushing in the freehub body for a more smooth and durable cartridge bearing, significantly extending hub longevity. Additionally equipped with a tool free micro adjuster, the CyberRear Sp allows for quick and easy regulation of bearing preload, ensuring a smooth and problem free ride. As always, the CyberRear SP is among the absolute lightest hubs available, making it an ideal choice for climbing wheelsets, or gram conscious riders.




Due to the lightweight nature of this hub, we can not sell the CyberRear SP independently of a wheelbuild. Please feel free to contact us directly, or submit a form for a custom wheelbuild.




Extralite hubs feature lightweight O-rings and delicate ratcheting mechanisms that require frequent service for proper hub longevity. We recommend Slick Honey for proper and effective lubrication of the seals and freehub mechanism.


Weight 124 grams
Bearings 6803 x 3
6903 x 1
Axle Diameter 17 mm
Hub Shell Material 7075Tx aluminum
Drive Ring Material titanium
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