Far and Near Rear Thru Axle

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Offering an axle to fit the most popular thru axle designs Far and Near has crafted a thru axle that every rider can depend on. Foregoing a lever that can get snagged or catch on rough terrain Far and Near has tooled 6 mm allen wrench flats into the head of their axles. This creates a marvelously low profile design that maintains secure fitment of the wheel to the frame. Machined from 7075 Aluminum and then anodized to rich hues to match all other Far and Near components these axles will look at home on any mountain bike. Built for peace of mind and sturdy engagement this axle won’t let you down even under the most strenuous of riding conditions. Add a little color to your bike without emptying your wallet with Far and Near Thru Axles.


Model Hub Compatibility Interface Length Thread Pitch Thread Length Weight
E-thru TA 12 x 142 Flat 169mm 12 x 1.5 mm 18mm ~39 g
E-Thru Boost TA 12 x 148 Boost Flat 180mm 12 x 1.5 mm 18mm 42 g
Maxle TA 12 x 142 Flat 172mm 12 x 1.75 mm 20mm 41 g
Maxle Boost TA 12 x 148 Boost Flat 182mm 12 x 1.75 mm 20mm 42 g
Scott TA 12 x 142 Flat 168mm 12 x 1.0 mm 18mm 40 g
Scott Boost TA 12 x 148 Flat 175mm 12 x 1.0 mm 18mm 41 g
Syntace TA 12 x 142 Tapered 165mm 12 x 1.0 mm 17mm 40 g
Material 7075 Aluminum          
Tool Fitting 6mm Hex          
Recommended Torque 10Nm          
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