Extralite CyberFront SPD-3 Road Disc Hub

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This third iteration of Extralite's road disc front hub makes several notable improvements over the previous design, while maintaining the same incredibly low weight of 66 grams. The hub shell is now one solid piece, for greater strength and durability, and the drive side flange uses a cross-laced straight pull design, for hassle-free wheel building and spoke replacement (the SPD-2 used a radial spoke design which required removal of the axle for spoke installation). Additionally, the CNC profile has been reworked with improved spoke bracing angles, for more equalized spoke tension, while allowing a higher maximum spoke tension.

The CyberFront SPD-3 is by far the best option available to build an incredibly lightweight road disc wheel. The straight-pull flanges will accommodate standard 14 gauge spokes, as well as Pillar's incredibly light X-Tra Lite Titanium 13 gauge spokes. The design of the spoke flanges increases the stiffness of the complete wheel for reduced lateral flex under hard efforts and better braking response. Each Cyberhub is equipped with a convenient micro-tuner to allow perfect bearing preload adjustment for low bearing friction and zero play at the rim.

Each CyberFront hub is expertly machined from military-grade 7075TX aluminum, with an attractive aesthetic that Extralite is known for. These hubs are specifically designed for use on road disc bikes only, and have been carefully engineered for this application with an impressive rider weight limit of 200 pounds. 

The CyberFront SPD-3 from Extralite is 100% manufactured in Italy.


Weight 66 grams
Bearing Sizes 1524 2RS(2)
Hub Shell Material 7075 TX aluminum
Axle Material 7075 TX aluminum
Axle Standards Thru Axle 12x100
Quick Release 5x100
Brake Rotor Compatibility 6-Bolt ISO
Recommended Use road disc only
Rider Weight Limit 200 lbs (90 kg)
*Wheel Building Dimensions*
Left Flange Diameter 47.0 mm
Right Flange Diameter 30.0 mm
Left Flange to Center 25.0 mm
Right Flange to Center 33.0mm
*for accurate spoke lengths, please use Extralite's Cyberfront SPD-3 Lacing Instructions
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