absoluteBLACK Single Speed Cog

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The Singlespeed cog from Absolute Black is arguably one of the most well designed and handsome cogs available. As aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, the Singlespeed cog is designed to be tough enough to withstand many miles of abuse from even the most powerful riders. Each cog has a extra large 7mm wide base in order to prevent damage to alloy freehub bodies, which tends to be a problem for strong riders. Additionally the teeth of the cog are central to the base, which means that once your Absolute Black Singlespeed cog is worn, you have the ability to simply flip the cog over to double it’s wear life.

Similar to each chainring offered by Absolute Black, the Singlespeed cog comes equipped with the Narrow-Wide tooth profile. Each tooth of the cog is specially machined to fit with the “male” and “female” links in the chain, essentially locking the chain to the cog, resulting in the best possible fit to minimize the threat of chain drop.


Material 7075 Txxx Aluminum
Compatibility Any Shimano Type Freehub Body




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