Carbon-Ti X-Hub SP Boost Rear Disc Hub

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As an offshoot of exotic materials manufacturer LLS Titanium, Italy based Carbon-Ti draws from decades of material science and design experience to bring the cycling community an array of quality components. Since 2005, Carbon-Ti has produced uniquely handsome parts that make no compromises in either weight or performance.

Carbon-Ti manufactures this hub from a solid block of Al7075-T6 aluminum, which is meticulously CNC machined to achieve an incredibly light weight while maintaining an impressive stiffness-to-weight ratio.  The 17mm axle, also made of Al7075-T6 aluminum, has a variable wall thickness to keep the weight low while retaining strength in higher stress areas.  This axle rides on two high-quality sealed bearings, with externally adjustable preload courtesy of Carbon-Ti's Bearing Preload System Tuning (BPS).  This preload system, which consists of a machined dial and grub screw, makes hub adjustments quick and easy.  Titanium teeth keep the weight of the freewheel mechanism low, it contains 56 teeth with  4 points of engagement. The hubs are available in either Shimano or Sram XD freehub standards, and are convertible between the two.  The Shimano freehub version is compatible with Shimano 10-11 speed mountain cassettes and Sram 10 speed cassettes (with provided 1.8mm spacer) as well as 11 speed Shimano and Sram road cassettes.  The XD version is compatible with Sram XD cassettes.  Both versions utilize the ISO 6-bolt mounting standard for brake rotors.  These 148mm boost hubs come in at a very impressive 183 grams for the XD version, 186 grams for the Shimano version, and are 100% made in Italy.  With the combination of its light weight and robust build, Carbon-Ti's X-Hub SP Boost hubs should be at the top of the list for gram-conscious riders who push their components to the limit.


Material 7075 T-6 aluminum
Compatibility X-12 (148 mm)
Disc Mount ISO 6 Bolt
Bearings 6803 x 3, 6903 x 1
SRAM XD Freehub 183 grams
Shimano 10/11spd Freehub 186 grams
Micro Spline Freehub 185 grams
Wheel Building Dimensions  
Left Flange Diameter 47.5 mm
Right Flange Diameter 54.5 mm
Center to Left Flange 39 mm
Center to Right Flange 22 mm
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