ENVE G23 700c Gravel Rim

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ENVE's G23 tubeless gravel rim, weighing just 330 grams, offers swift acceleration and effortless ascents. With a spacious 23 mm internal width, it pairs perfectly with gravel tires between 33 mm and 45 mm, ensuring ample control and traction. Featuring Wide Hookless Bead technology, these rims minimize the risk of pinch flats, allowing riders to maintain desired tire pressures without compromise. The molded bead-lock ensures secure and sealed tires even on the most rugged terrain.

Ensure the expert assembly of ENVE rims with our reputable wheel-building service. Receive tailored advice on hub and spoke selection from our knowledgeable team. Contact us for assistance.


G23 Dimension
Weight ~330g
Effective Rim Diameter 608 mm
Rim Depth 25 mm
Internal Width 23 mm
External Width 31.5 mm
Hole Count 24 hole
Brake Compatibility Disc Brake Only
Optimized Tire Width 700c x 33 - 45 mm
Material Carbon Fiber
Included Accessories ENVE Tubeless Tape
ENVE Brass Nipples
Tubeless Valve


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