Extralite CyberRear Freehub Body Kit

Article number: 11-02-05
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 Extralite's series of freehub body kits are useful either as a conversion from an existing freehub body, or to replace a worn freehub body. All of the wearable parts in the freehub mechanism are included to ensure that, once installed, your hub will be in the best possible operational condition.

 The CyberRear Freehub Body Kits include a freehub, 2 pawls, o-ring spring, o-ring seal, and 5cc of Alugrease Super 1. These kits are compatible with the following hubs:

  • CyberRear SL
  • CyberRear SL2
  • CyberRear SP
  • CyberRear SPD
  • CyberRear SPD2
HyperRear 2 Shimano 37 grams
HyperRear 2 SRAM XD 35 grams
HyperRear 2 Shimano 37 grams
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