Leap Components Quickshift

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The Quickshift from Leap Components reimagines shifting for wireless SRAM AXS systems with a more ergonomic thumb-operated design. The ambidextrous shifter buttons mount under the handlebar for improved bike control and allow both up and downshifts using just the thumb. An alternate upshift via the index finger mimics the familiar feel of mechanical triggers. This upgraded shifting experience comes without the sloppy play endemic to the standard buttons. Installation takes only minutes with basic tools to swap the factory shift pods for the precisely machined and thoughtfully contoured Quickshift buttons. Riders gain better shifting feel along with weight savings versus stock. At just 13.6 grams, it shaves weight off the stock 15.4 gram SRAM rocker paddle while optimizing your shifting experience. For even more gains, pair the Quickshift with Leap's Seatshift dropper remote. 

SRAM AXS Blips are NOT included.


Weight Paddles Seatshift
  ~13.9g ~6.8g
Button Option Paddles
Material 3D Printed Carbon Filled Nylon (CF15)
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 2.5 cm
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