THM Mandibula Carbon Seatpost

Article number: 30-01-03
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After two years of development, THM has released the Mandibula, a full carbon seatpost designed to add ride comfort without sacrificing THM's reputation for lightweight products. Beyond its superior function, the Mandibula is also a great-looking component that will surely turn a few heads. 

In this era of All-Road and Gravel cycling, comfort is king. As bicycles are ever more frequently steered toward rougher roads, frames and component manufacturers have had to adapt to keep riders satisfied and smiling on long rides. The Mandibula is THM's alternative to popular flex-style seatposts. Smaller diameter (e.g. 25.4mm) seatposts and seatposts that are intentionally designed to flex in the shaft section are problematic for larger riders or those who have excessive seatpost extension. In these cases the seatpost may flex much more than is intended or necessary, creating biomechanical issues in the pedal stroke and torso. Conversely, smaller riders or those with minimal seatpost extension will see little benefit (if any) from these seatposts. The Mandibula addresses these issues with a two-part design. The lower shaft of the seatpost is lightweight, yet extremely stiff to keep rider position secure. The upper section of the post features a passive flex design that works independent of the seatpost extension, with a travel path designed to keep the saddle horizontal. Additionally, the carbon layup of the seatpost provides vibration dampening to minimize the effect of high-frequency road vibrations. The resulting reduction in fatigue and increase in comfort will allow riders to feel fresher and ride longer at (hopefully) greater speed. At well under 200 grams, the Mandibula's weight is competitive with many other manufacturer's non-flex carbon seatposts.

The Mandibula is available in 27.2 diameter only, but may be adapted to fit larger diameter seattubes with a seatpost shim. These seatposts are designed with a 25mm offset, and are available in 350 and 400mm length options. Two adapters are included to accommodate both 7mm round and 7x9mm oval saddle rails. The Mandibula uses a single m6 titanium bolt to secure both tilt and fore/aft adjustments of the saddle.


Weight, 27.2mm x 350 165 grams  
Weight, 27.2mm x 400 180 grams  
Minimum Insertion 100mm  
Setback 25mm  
Rail Compatibility 7mm Round, 7x9mm Oval; Steel, Titanium, Carbon  
Post Material Carbon fiber  
Hardware Aluminum Barrels, M6x25 Titanium Bolt  
Maximum Rail Clamp Bolt Torque 8 Nm  
Recommended Use Road, Gravel/Cx, Cross Country  
Maximum rider weight 110 kg (243 lbs)  
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