ENVE 4.5 AR Carbon Clincher Rim


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ENVE extends its SES platform with the 4.5 All Road, aerodynamic rims tailored for 28-30 mm wide road tires, catering to the evolving road bike landscape. Disc brake-specific design and wider rim beds enhance comfort and traction, allowing riders to leverage disc brake stopping power. Each SES rim boasts optimized profiles for front and rear, addressing distinct wind resistances. The front rim, 0.5mm wider and 6mm shallower, improves handling and efficiency, while the rear rim's narrower profile and 55mm depth reduce pressure drag, ensuring smoother airflow off the trailing edge.

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Model Legacy 4.5 AR Legacy 3.4 AR Legacy 5.6 Disc
  Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear
Rim Depth 49 mm 55 mm 39 mm 43 mm 54 mm 63 mm
External Width 31 mm 30.5 mm 27.5 mm 28.75 mm 28 mm
Internal Width 25 mm 25 mm 19 mm
Weight ~440g ~450g ~387g ~394g ~450g ~470g


4.5 AR Dimensions Front Rear
ERD 558 mm 547 mm
Hole Count 24 hole
Tire Type Tubeless Ready
Optimized Tire Size 700 x 28
Brake Compatibility Disc Brake Only
Tubeless Kit - Tape / Valves (4.5 AR)
Brass Nipples
45 mm Silca Valve Extenders



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