Now Offering Our Chain Waxing Services

Now Offering Our Chain Waxing Services

Exploring the Benefits of Waxed Chains: Understand the Advantages, Process, and Longevity. From Independent Testing to Meticulous Cleaning, Delve into the Practicalities of Opting for Waxed Chains with Fair Wheel Bikes.

Whether you’re searching for the fastest possible drivetrain setup for your next race, or the longest-lasting chain lube to preserve the life of your chain, chainrings, and cassette, a waxed chain is probably right for you. Independent testing conducted by the speed gurus at Zero Friction Cycling has consistently shown hot-melt paraffin wax as both the fastest and longest-lasting chain lube solution on the market. What can make waxing a chain so unappealing compared to using standard lube is the cleaning process required to prepare the chain for its bath in molten wax. Whether you’re looking to get into wax for the first time or just want to reap the benefits without the labor, Fair Wheel Bikes waxed chains are the product for you.

  1. Cleaning: When you opt for our "waxed" chain option, your chain goes through a meticulous ultrasonic cleaning process that employs aerospace-grade degreaser. This advanced cleaning technique ensures a thorough removal of any factory residues, dust, or contaminants that could potentially impact the chain's performance.
  2. Drying: After the cleaning process, the chain is thoroughly dried to ensure that no moisture remains. Moisture can lead to corrosion, which can impact the longevity and performance of your chain.
  3. Waxing: Molten Speed Wax has gained renown in cycling by creating high-quality products for riders seeking peak performance. Their innovative chain lubrication technique utilizes advanced friction-reducing additives, resulting in a smooth and efficient ride. This focus on performance appeals to cyclists aiming to enhance their skills. Through this approach, they achieve a unique smoothness by reducing resistance between chain components. While the initial waxing process takes slightly longer, it offers enduring rewards, including fluid pedaling, reduced maintenance, and prolonged chain life. Molten Speed Wax's commitment to performance aligns with cyclists' aspirations for a better riding experience. Despite the patience required, the benefits of smoother rides, lower upkeep, and longer-lasting chains make it an attractive choice for optimizing cycling journeys.
  4. Curing: Once the wax coating is applied, the chain goes through a curing process. This allows the wax to fully adhere to the chain's surfaces and ensures a consistent and durable protective layer.
  5. Inspection: Prior to shipping, each chain undergoes a meticulous breaking-in process, during which we conduct a thorough inspection. This step ensures even application of the wax coating and confirms that the chain is in impeccable condition before it reaches you.

A waxed chain usually maintains its performance for around 350-400 km before needing attention. At this juncture, the chain can be re-immersed in melted wax, or a drip wax lubricant like Squirt or Silca Super Secret can be applied. The use of drip wax lube can extend the interval before re-immersion to over 1300 km. When re-immersion is due, the cleaning process is already completed, so a simple wax bath suffices to restore optimal smoothness.

Currently, we offer this service exclusively for our 12-speed Shimano, KMC, SRAM, Campagnolo and YBN chains. Moreover, we are proud to announce that we are extending the option of a waxing service upgrade to all chains sold on, as well as to chains sold through our physical retail shop.


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